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Our Mission

“As followers of Jesus,  we are working to break the  chain of addiction by building  healthy relationships, advocacy, and providing essential unmet basic needs.”


BSBB believes in working collaboratively with as many social service agencies as possible, so that the people that we serve can be as connected as possible. These are some of the groups that we connect with:

Codington Connects

Watertown Community Transit

Prairie Lakes Wellness Center

Interlakes Community Action Partnership

Codington County Detention Center

Codington County Drug Court

Codington County Welfare

Watertown Area Community Foundation

BSBB is a member of the Social Services Advisory Council

BSBB is a Codington County Community Motivator within our Resilient Community

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Why do you serve on the BSBB board? 

Stacy: (Executive Director)

“I serve, because I love Jesus and His love compels me to serve the people in our community who often feel unseen in their addiction. I’m passionate about being a voice of encouragement and hope in the lives of people journeying from addiction to recovery.”

Justin: (Board Member)

“I serve, because I’ve seen the work that God has done through the people on the board and I was inspired when I saw BSBB speak at our church. I’ve grown even more from seeing the people that this organization has helped that are on our board. It’s incredible to see the work God has done in the community through BSBB in the short time I’ve been on the board.”

Jarrad: (Board Member)

“I serve and choose to be involved with BSBB because BSBB was there for me when I started my recovery. It’s my way of giving back and also my way to show the love that Jesus has so graciously and generously shown me.”

Nikki: (Board Member)

“I serve, because I have felt called to BSBB and their mission since it started. I believe we are all children of God and deserve the chance to have hope and support. Seeing people thrive in this program is inspiring.”

Shannon: (Executive Assistant)

“I serve because I want to provide hope. My hope comes from God and I want to share that with others. We are meant to help one another. At a time when human connection can be hard to find, BSBB is there.”

Jessica: (Board Member)

“I serve, because it’s right. It’s a way that I can share the love of God with people that most have forgotten.”

Jenny: (Board Member)

“I serve, because I like to see how Jesus is working in the lives of others. It is awesome to watch Him redeem! I love people. I wish I could spend more time with our clients.”

Troy: (Board Member)

“I serve, because I'm so blessed to be relieved of drug addiction. I was shown the love of Jesus by people before I knew Him. I hope to use my past to help others and at the same time, be proof that there is hope for the hopeless.”

Jess: (Board Member)

“I serve, because I believe in the mission of BSBB. I believe in the people that we serve. It’s great that our community has this organization to help people find a different way and a way out of maybe the only life they knew. It’s so amazing to see how God provides. I like accounting and am super excited to be able to help in that way.”

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