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BSBB believes in having a sober transitional housing option available for people who are being released from incarceration so that they won’t have to be homeless or return to the same environment that attribute to their addiction. We work collaboratively with Interlakes Community Action Partnership to ensure that all of our residents have case management support as they work to find employment and permanent housing options on their journey toward recovery.

1. Who is eligible for BSBB Housing under the Watertown Transitional Housing Program guidelines? Men and women who are actively involved in the criminal justice system and who have drug and/or alcohol-related charges with no other sober living option available. Please note: we are unable to house men and women who have had sexual or violent charges. 


2. Can I apply for housing on my own? We prefer that your Court Services Officer communicate with us directly, in regards to your need for housing. However, you can submit your own application as well, and then we would communicate with your CSO directly, to ensure their approval prior to being placed in our homes.


3. How many women can be housed at one time? The BSBB women’s house can house up to 4 women at a time.

4. How many men can be housed at one time? The BSBB men’s house can house up to 3 men at a time.

5. Are there case management services available? Yes, each resident is required to meet weekly with their BSBB and/or ICAP Case Manager to work on life skills, and employment opportunities, as well as work towards finding permanent housing options.

6. Is there onsite property management?  Yes, BSBB believes very strongly in having a property manager live onsite to ensure the integrity and sobriety of our homes at all times. 


Housing Process:

  • Download and fill out the application

  • Email the form to or return it to our office at 9 West Kemp, Watertown, SD 57201

  • BSBB will schedule a follow-up interview prior to placement. 

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